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I offer three types of healing modalities. The Ideal Parent Figure Protocol is a method that allows you to build a new internal working model of attachment patterns. I also DMR Deep Mind Reframing. Finally I do Parts work, like IFS, healing wounded ego states.


About Me

I’ve been rigorously trained in the 3 Pillar model for Attachment Repair created by Dan Brown and David Elliott in their book, Attachment Disturbances: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair. *I’ve completed Daniel Brown’s Attachment Disturbances Clinical Training module course.
 *I’ve Completed Level I & II 3 Pillars Ideal Parent Figure Protocol Masterclass with Dr Zach Bein at adultattachmenthealing.com, and have had his supervision. *Finally, I am in David Elliott’s Group supervision class for 3 Pillar Integrative Attachment Therapy. *I’m also trained in IFS Internal Family Systems, Level 1 Stepping Stone by Derek Scott, as well as several other modalities.

Heal your wounded parts, connection can then flow naturally.

My Method


I use Integral Eye Movement Therapy to remove negative memory imprints.

Integrative Somatic Parts Work

This method integrates the methodology of Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) and Somatic body work to heal core pain and unmet feelings and needs to find a greater sense of internal harmony and wholeness in life.

Ideal Parent Figure Protocol

I use the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol to help you create a new inner working model for relationship patterns.

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Here are 4 methods to gain sensual attainment to your partner, plus a guided meditation to embody femininity.

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How telling your story can heal attachment wounds.

One major way we heal is by making sense of what happened to us. Simply by being able to tell a coherent narrative about what happened can go a long way to healing triggers. Also, you can use art to understand and and heal attachment wounds. Below are some drawing I did to represent what […]

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5 Things You Need For Secure Attachment

(And my surprising advice about where to find it) There are 5 developmental needs that must be practiced to ensure a secure relationship. (1) a sense of felt safety. (2) a sense of being seen and known. (3) the experience of felt comfort. (4) a sense of being valued.  (5) a sense of support 

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