The Secure Attachment Package

The Ideal Parent Figure Protocol has proven to be a powerful tool to create secure attachment and helping with CPTSD.

Essentially, you are guided through imagined meditations where an ideal parent provides the 5 Pillars of Secure Attachment : safety, support, delight, attunement, and soothing to the child.

Because I want this healing to be available to everyone I’ve decided to offer a inexpensive Secure Attachment Package.

I offer 3 sessions where I tailor the meditations to your unique attachment patterns, going through all 5 pillars

After, you will have the recordings to keep and listen to at your convenience. 

Although best to do with a facilitator, listening daily or even weekly to these personalized meditations can be an enormous help.

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Discounts available for low income 

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Using Parts Work for Healing Attachment eBook - 30 pages

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