What Is IEMT?

I also offer IEMT or Internal Eye Movement Therapy to help clear negative emotional imprints, but people are always asking, what is Integral Eye Movement Therapy?

Many often say IEMT, or Integral Eye Movement Therapy, is similar to EMDR, only more gentle and streamlined.

First, it’s important to acknowledge that Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) doesn’t make any claims. It’s a new modality, and people are still doing research on it. There are a few studies that are promising, but it’s really not known exactly how it works and exactly what it’s doing. It’s certainly not a miracle cure, and doesn’t work for everyone.

I think of it like this, often, memories and emotional imprints can become stuck, neurologically.

Even if it happened in the past, the brain acts as if it were happening in the present, triggering an emotional response.

IEMT involves moving the eyes along different axes whilst gently activating the memory or negative motional state.

One theory is that this process may move the memory or identity imprint to long-term memory so that it is no longer triggers distressful feelings.

The best part is that you don’t have to speak about or relive the event, making this a relatively easy, relaxed experience.

IEMT addresses a few things, including emotional imprinting and identity imprinting.

Emotional imprinting addressed the question, “How did this person learn to feel this way about this thing?”

With IEMT the memories seem to become consolidated, and the associated emotions down regulated, AND the effects diminished in real time.

Identity imprinting addresses the question, “How did this person learn to identify way about this thing?”

Often times we form negative identities, such as, “I am unlovable”, “lazy,”“ugly,” the “black sheep” etc

With IEMT we first discover where and when a person becomes associated with the issue that lead to their sense of self. We then use eye movements to update and integrate those aspects that are metaphorically fragmenting people at an unconscious level and diminishing their ability to live better more fulfilled lives.

IEMT is particularly effective in dealing with: 

  • PTSD or any traumatic experiences
  • Feelings of guilt, regret and remorse
  • Fears and phobias  
  • Removing negative memories
  • Overcoming long term identity issues : ie, “I am unlovable,” a loser, a failure etc

There are other modalities involved in IEMT as well.

The Five Primary Patterns of Chronicity

These are deeply ingrained patterns that format longterm anxiety issues. With IEMT we can “smooth out” the patterns that disrupt productive ways if thinking and being.

The Three Pillars Anxiety Release Model

In IEMT we investigate the actual emotions which act as catalysts which keep anxiety and depression in a never ending vicious cycle.

The Trauma Release Model

In IEMT we investigate the structure of a person’s individual emotional trauma, how this is being kept in place and what is needed in order to efficiently and effectively dismantle it.

This usually takes two or three sessions, each 60-90 minutes long.

You can read more HERE

Although massively popular in England and Europe, with 6 month waiting lists, I am one of the few practitioners trained to offer this service in America. Feel free to contact me or book a free consultation for help changing your life today.

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