What Creates Secure Attachment?

In general there are five primary conditions that promote secure attachment:

(1) a sense of felt safety.

This is promoted by parents being consistent and reliable, and also their ability to protect the child from danger and threat.

(2) a sense of being seen and known.

This is promoted by parents being accurately attuned to the child.

(3) the experience of felt comfort.

This is promoted by the parents ability to soothe and reassure the child/

(4) a sense of being valued.

This is promoted by parents expressing their delight in the child.

(5) a sense of support

This is promoted by parents encouragement for exploration.

These are also the five characteristics of a healthy secure adult relationship.

From the parents soothing and reassurance, the client will experience emotion regulation.

From the parents being perfectly attuned to the needs of the child, along with expressed delight, the client will feel healthy self-esteem.

From the parents supporting their exploration the clients will feel secure in their self-development.

And there are many, many more cognitive and developmental benefits as well.

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