A Simple Grounding Exercise

When we do the Ideal Parent Figure Meditation it is important that it is embodied, otherwise it will not make a connection to our nervous system.

Yes, we are imagining, but what is important is the felt sense of our experience.

A good facilitator will keep reminding the client, “notice what that feels like in your body” etc

It can help to take a few moments to focus your awareness into your body, slow down and notice your breathing, scan your body for any tension.

Here’s a quick and easy grounding exercise I was taught by Thomas Zimmerman. He is the creator of the Four Blinks Flash Technique and runs the largest EMDR society.

First notice how present are you in this room right now.

Next, look around this room right now and notice several things you see and the color attached to them. If you touched these objects, notice if would they be hard, soft, or some other texture.

Now place an open hand on the table or furniture next to you for just a moment and notice if it is colder, warmer, or the same temperature as your hand.

Move your fingertips across the surface and notice if it is completely smooth or has a texture.

Move your fingertips across the texture of that surface and just notice if the temperature changes as you move.

Become very quiet and notice whatever you hear in order of loudest first. [Wait 5‐8 seconds]

Select an object in the room to smell and notice its smell.

Grab a drink take a few moments to taste, smell, or feel the temperature of the drink.

Now notice how present you feel right now in the room.

That’s it!

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